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Limec Solution GmbH - your global partner for creative solutions for mechanical and electrical industrial production. Introducing ourselves.
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Sheet Metal Processing
For each piece of sheet metal there is an optimal production possibility, which we would be pleased to present to you and thus fully meet your needs.
We are the ideal partner to professionally cover your industrial needs - from simple to very complex milled parts.
Limec Solution is an expert in CNC turned parts, so we are happy to turn for you within the most precise tolerance ranges.
With Limec Solution, you can purchase complete assemblies to reduce interfaces, decrease inventory and significantly shorten assembly time.
Cable Confection
From the idea to the final product, we supply single cables, cable sets, automation cables, assemblies and complex integrated solutions.
Building a Control Cabinet
On behalf of our customers, we manufacture and assemble electrical cabinets, control cabinets and control for various machines and systems from the prototype to series and variant production.
Plastic Injection Molding Technology
Due to their mechanical strength, plastic products are becoming increasingly popular in all areas of production.
Surface Finish
It is often necessary to adapt the products to the weather conditions or to use a different, special surface treatment due to their visibility.
Limec Service
As a full-service provider, they range from technical support to development, from production to logistics.
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Plastic injection molding technology

Plastic injection molding technology enables us to manufacture a wide range of plastic products of the highest quality and in any shape.Standard parts, thousands of which are produced daily in industry, can be mass-produced in exactly the same quality.Of course, we are also happy to produce individual molds and manufacture plastic parts for special tasks.
  • Effects, decorations and labels

    Striking logos, effective inscriptions or precise labels of all kinds. We decorate surfaces with etching and erosion structures.
  • Durable surface coating

    As a plastics expert, we use our extensive knowledge of surface coatings by applying aluminum vapors.
  • Unlimited quality reproduction

    Once the mould is finished, each injection can be repeated as often as necessary and with the same high quality.Economically invincible, especially for large projects.
Any possibility to repeat standard products
Economical, efficient and fast for all quantities
Large variety of shapes and sizes

Limec Solution - Your expert for plastic injection molding technology

In plastic injection molding technology, we manufacture for the most well-known automobile manufacturers, for many well-known companies in the household appliance industry, the machine industry and lighting technology. In close cooperation with our customers, we supplement standard molds with special molds according to customer requirements.

Clean processing for optimum production flow

In addition to technical functionality, modern plastic products also place high demands on appearance, shape and visual appearance.We produce cast frames with minimal notching. Individual plastic parts can be easily removed from the frame and processed without further machining. Perfectly smooth surfaces, clean transitions and colors to choose from also make our plastic parts visually convincing and meet the highest brand standards.
  • Customized plastic parts

    The spectrum of plastic parts ranges from small parts weighing one gram to parts weighing 3000 grams.All commercially available materials for plastic production are available to us.We follow your requirements to the full extent.
  • The highest quality standard

    Our customers are major automobile manufacturers, well-known companies in the household appliance industry or the hardware or lighting technology sector.
  • Ready to start your project

    The largest part of our production capacity in plastic injection molding technology is for complex assemblies that are ready for immediate use. Of course, we can also produce special designs according to your specifications at any time.
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